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John Fitzgerald
Great hydration! Not too greasy

Ashanti has excellent products. I have a wide selection of these cosmetics now I use the warrior king cream everyday and by the time I am going to my bed I can still feel the presence of th cream on my skin! I have just purchased the pomegranate face cream and I have to say that this is the best value for money when it comes to face creams. I used the smallest amount and I was very satisfied. I have ordered the good hair day hair grease now and will definitely be giving reviews on that product. thank you Ashanti and keep them coming!

Lovely citrus scent!

No grease but smooth and glowing skin.

Emily hart
Its a steal!!

I bought this for my husband and I ended up using it all! absolutely AMAZING body butter! Im going to try the warrior queen now!!

My favourite

I really like the texture of the cream.The natural ingredients I really feel and of course the smell of the coconut is splendid.Even my girlfriend is loving it . That`s why I would recommend it for all genders. Great for dry skin!

Larry H
The texture is great

I love the citrus and coconut scent and the moisture is gives is all day. I have really dry skin and my skin has improved so much since the wife got it for me.