Power Fluff Girl Shaving Cream - Fluff Be Gone

Power Fluff Girl Shaving Cream - Fluff Be Gone
For some, a nuisance. For others, an intimate ceremony. Wherever you belong, we’ve got stories for you.
T'is the season of short dresses, sleeveless tops, and gorging yourself on copious amounts of food and last but not least; STRESS.
Guys have it easy. They don't have to shave various parts of their bodies, ever. But hey it's also the age of liberation so nobody's holding a gun to your head so if you want to remain au naturell you can. However, armpit hair still weirds me out be it on guys or girls. Considering the time of the year, when everyone is hella stressed out, and nobody has time to make it to their waxing appointment, I decided to DIY.
One thing you must know about me is that I HATE shaving. I hate it. It is time-consuming and mostly ineffective because I have incredibly stubborn, hard, thick and curly body hair. So when it starts growing back, it is literal agony, and my hair grows back with a vengeance within 2 days. The plus side is that my hair, brows and lashes are also quite lovely and thick, but everything else can get prickly and annoying.
But dire times require desperate measures, and as they usually do, Ashanti cosmetics came through with the good stuff and saved the day. Typically shaving creams leave my skin very dry, so I shy away from them. But now I can with all honesty say that Power Fluff Girl really helps get rid of the fluff AND leaves your skin super uber smooth.
It has shea butter which is the panacea for 90% of all things skin, which leaves your skin very silky and smooth, along with coconut oil. So I get ingrown hairs and bumps very quickly, and when I saw that Power Fluff Girl has witch hazel in it, I almost cried tears of joy. Witch hazel has potent anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties. I use witch hazel as a toner when I'm breaking out because it has calming and soothing effects on my skin. It's a skincare must-have. But what I loved the most about this shaving cream was the exfoliating effect it had. I looked it up and found out that it contains Kaolin Clay, which is a natural exfoliant and detoxifier, so goodbye ingrown hairs and hello to smooth baby skin.
Sodium bicarbonate helps lighten and smooth dark, hyperpigmented bumpy skin. It also makes for an excellent and thorough shave, and my skin has been very grateful ever since.
So in short, if you want to pamper yourself and come out looking silky and soft, I definitely recommend this little tube of magic that smells and feels luxurious and fantastic.