Warrior Queen - Fantastic Wonder Cream

Warrior Queen - Fantastic Wonder Cream

With the coming of warmer days, I have unpacked my dresses and skirts, short sleeves. So with that comes showing skin and for those who want to, shaving, and with that nuisance comes irritated skin and razor bumps. However, Ashanti cosmetics has the solution for ashiness, dryness and rough patches with their incredible body butter Warrior Queen.

 While the Avocado Revitalising Body Butter does wonders when it comes to dryness, Warrior Queen has earnt that name for a reason. It is a hard hitter when it comes to battling dry skin and thanks to it; I have been sporting silky smooth knees and elbows, my driest areas. Combining skincare superstars such as coconut oil, that can be used for anything, from moisturizing, to dental care, cocoa butter my absolute favourite because it smells like my childhood and soothes my skin like nothing else, and shea butter that will also leave your skin feeling soft and pillowy.

My skin has become the capital of Ashville since living in Oxford, as it is a hard water area and my skin has not been taking it well. I usually use the avocado body butter all over, but on drier days, especially after my period ends when my skin tends to get super dry, I reach for Warrior Queen. It's a heavy-duty cream, that will moisturize your skin and leave you glowing Wakandan style. Because of the waterproof container, I usually use it while I'm still in the shower, to lock in as much moisture as possible. I use it on my heels, my knees and my elbows. Morning and evening I take a dime size, warm it up so that it goes on smoothly and apply it generously to those areas. The great thing about Warrior Queen is that a little goes a long way, so it is an excellent value for your money. It has become a staple in my pedicure routine, leaving my soles feeling supple and heals very soft. It also doubles as an incredible post shaving cream, because it contains beeswax which has antibacterial and antiviral healing properties, and if you struggle with dark patches, it also helps, because it contains vitamin C and A which do wonders for brightening and evening skin tone. It also prevents razor bumps and irritation, because it strengthens the barrier of the skin, so say goodbye to those pesky little bumps.

It does wonders for healing broken and sensitive skin, so much so, that sometimes I feel like I could use it to mend my broken and sensitive heart too.

 All in all, Warrior Queen is a fantastic wonder cream, that absorbs well, smells like summer and sunshine and leave your skin looking and feeling like that as well.