15 SHADES OF PINK - Achieve glowing, gleaming and plump skin

15 SHADES OF PINK - Achieve glowing, gleaming and plump skin
Our faces are mirrors for our souls. Much can be read from it and, in this case, read about it: how to help it heal and radiate.
Last summer my friend who has the best skin I have ever seen unveiled the secret to achieving glowing, gleaming and plump skin: Hydration and moisture.
So ever since that fateful trip to Italy, I have been on a hunt for products that deliver just that. I have gotten into the 10-step K beauty phenomenon, that's main goal is to achieve a brighter complexion and plump skin. I have a pretty reliable rotation of serums, cleansers, toners and exfoliators, but so far, I have been really struggling to find a great moisturiser.
I have combination skin, meaning that I have dry skin around my cheeks and get very greasy in my T-Zone. Also, living in the UK where the sad cliche of bad weather is unfortunately true, the harsh winds, cold and dry air makes my skin super flaky and dry, especially during the winter months. Most creams I used, either left my skin greasy, or didn't moisturised it enough leaving it feeling wanting for moisture. Also, I like going for natural ingredients because I'd like to avoid using harsh chemicals on my face. So, when I came across Ashanti cosmetics I was super thrilled. Not only is it owned by a fellow Ghanaian, who knows how to accommodate darker complexions as well, which isn't very common in high street beauty, but it's all hand crafted and natural ingredients. Plus, the design of the containers is super cute too. The first product I tried from them, was 15 Shades of Pink, their superstar pomegranate face cream, that not only smells like heaven, but also leaves your skin feeling soft, pillowy, plump and moisturised and not at all greasy!
And the best part is, that not only is it moisturising but it's also hydrating. Which many people would think are synonymous terms but they're not. Hydration involves hydrating the skin on a molecular and cellular level from the inside, while moisture locks in hydration on the skin's surface. So even if you have a moisturising cream and apply it to dehydrated skin, all that will do is lock in dryness. And that is what I love about 15 Shades of Pink.
It contains panthenol which hydrates the skin by preventing water loss through the surface and supplying it with B5, and the pomegranate oil that lends it it's wonderful smell locks in the moisture and smooths the skin surface by infusing it with essential vitamins.
It also contains Zinc, which helps improve blemishes and overall complexion. The only ingredient I was concerned about was the coconut oil. Coconut oil can clog pores, but this cream doesn't at all. What it does do, is calm any inflammation and irritation, leaving the surface of your skin super smooth and silky.
I have started to use this as my every day and night cream. I apply less during the day, because if you do apply too much and are more on the greasy side, it can leave an unwanted shine, rather than that radiance that the cream gives you, if applied correctly. And because of this, it's great value for your money because you only need a dime-size to thoroughly apply to your face.
This cream has been a game changer for me. My skin is so smooth and plump, and it is never lackluster or dull, because this incredible moisturiser adds glow, moisture and hydration. And as a bonus it smells great!