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Are you dreaming of a gorgeous, sun-kissed glow?

Look no further! Introducing the Pineapple Face and Body Tanning Oil, a revitalizing elixir designed to restore vibrancy and luster to dull, uneven skin tones. Packed with natural ingredients and available in a spinig version,...

What did others said about Ashanti Cosmetics products?

BRITISH GQ   „Shaving needn’t be a scream wen you are bristly like a coconut husk”Product: HUSK MY DEAR - SHAVING CREAM The high kaolin content cleans, detoxifies, and eliminates epithelial cells while also softening the...

Power Fluff Girl Shaving Cream got featured in Glamour UK - Beauty report

"Powerfluff Girl - ASHANTI COSMETICS' natural, vegan shaving cream packed with organic Coconut oil along with Kaolin Clay and Shea Butter has dedicated its life to help fight those nasty hairs and forces of itching....

Get to know Rose Appiah: The Visionary Behind Ashanti Cosmetics

We sat down with Rose Appiah - the founder of Ashanti Cosmetics to get to know her and her miracle brand better.

TANSY MAMA - Smells like heaven and makes your skin feel like it too

I was having one of those Mondays. You know which ones I’m talking about. The ones where everything is a mess, your hair looks like something out of a horror movie, you spilt your coffee...

Good Hair Decade With Good Hair Day Mask.

Let us navigate you amid the news in the world of hair care, and get inspired by our stories.

Power Fluff Girl Shaving Cream - Fluff Be Gone

For some, a nuisance. For others, an intimate ceremony. Wherever you belong, we’ve got stories for you.

Call Me Gata... Because I'm a Bronzed Panther.

Achieving the golden glow for all skin shades to smooth, silky and glowy. 

15 SHADES OF PINK - Achieve glowing, gleaming and plump skin

Our faces are mirrors for our souls. Much can be read from it and, in this case, read about it: how to help it heal and radiate.