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Good Hair Decade With Good Hair Day Mask.

Good Hair Decade With Good Hair Day Mask.

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In an effort to reinvent myself, I cut my big curls off last February. It was cathartic for many reasons; however, I didn't anticipate what would happen once I would get bored with yet another hairstyle. Maintaining short hair is exhausting. So, I decided to grow it out. However, I moved to a significantly colder climate than that of the UK's, and curly hair does not do well with the cold. Let's face it, my people were not made for this weather. But dear Rose and Ashanti Cosmetics are here to bring a bit of the motherland into our beauty routines, and so I tried their new hair mask Good Hair Day. 
Packed with nourishing goodies such as mango butter, virgin coconut oil, beeswax and cosmetics sensation Australian pink clay this wondrous mask will help you fight hair loss, brittleness and dryness.  It will become your best friend during the cold winter months. 
The secret to healthy and luscious hair is moisture retention. I could go on and on about porosity and curl type, but thankfully Good Hair day is excellent for pretty much all hair types. I use it in two different ways, usually in one session. First, I use it as a cowash, meaning I wash my hair with it. I have been shampoo free for a while because it's just so much friendlier to your hair. The mask's properties, such as Kaolinite (pink clay) really help detoxify the scalp and absorb impurities. After that I deep condition with a creamier protein-based deep conditioner where after, I condition my hair with the mask again. The oils in it such as black castor oil, jojoba oil and the mango butter do the following; The black castor and jojoba are fantastic for hair growth. Since I've started using it, my hair has grown already, and I can see that my edges have become thicker. The mango butter is incredible for sealing in moisture and nourishing the hair. This helps moisture retention, so during the cold months, your hair will be softer and more nourished, which prevents breakage and brittleness. Mango butter is also packed with monosaturated fats which is great for coating the hair shaft and protecting it. 
I would recommend this mask mainly for my natural sisters, people with thick and curly hair, or those prone to dryness. Make sure to use it after the heavier, creamier protein-based moisturising creams to seal in the moisture. For those with thinner strands or those prone to flatness, I would only recommend this once in a while as a deep conditioner, because it is very rich. Leave it in for an hour and then wash it out thoroughly with warm water. 
I used it on my edges and put some on my scalp when I had braids, and it really helps hydrate my scalp and prevent dryness and dandruff. It has already given me some growth, but most importantly, my hair feels super soft, nourished and shiny. So while I'm on this journey of personal and hair growth, I'll not only be nourishing my soul with meditation, long baths and candles, I'll also be nourishing and feeding my hair with Good Hair day, so I can have the best decade yet. 

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